RETICULATED polyester filer foam

Reticulated Polyester Filter Foams

Our filter foams are pore-controlled polyester foam with a defined and uniform pore size. The number of pores is defined as PPI (Pores Per linear Inch).

The cell membranes are completely removed by an additional reticulation process, which gives an open pore structure which lends these foams to have excellent flow characteristics.

The porosity of our standard range of Filter Foams ranges from 10 – 80 PPI and photographs the most popular types are shown in our gallery.

We offer the following filter foams for the ceramics industry:

  • R1 (10PPI);  R2 (20PPI)1 :- for the sanitaryware industry
  • R3 (30PPI);  R42 (45PPI) :- for earthen ware and stoneware
  • R63 (60PPI);  R84 (80PPI) :- for fine tableware, china and porcelain

Please note that we can source both coarser and finer filter foams if required.

The standard specifications of the most popular types of filter foams are shown in the below table:

Standard Specifications

Foam Type R2 R4 R6 R8
Density (kg/cbm) 34 33 33 33
Compression Load Deflection (kPa) 3.3 3.5 3.5 3.2
Tensile Strength (kPa) 140 160 190 280
Elongation at Break (%) 150 240 300 320


IMPORTANT: Please note that these specifications are correct as of November 2013, but can be altered at the manufacturer’s discretion subject to revised test results.

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