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We are a family company with professional values and a world-renowned supplier of high-quality sponges and sponging products to the global ceramics industry.

Our products also include:

  • Ceramic sponges – supreme range of high-quality sponges and sponging products for the ceramics industry
  • Specialist car care products – everything for the car detailing sector
  • Baby sponges – everything you need for baby bath time

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Industry supplies

We also offer a supreme range of high-quality sponges and sponging products as well as other essential items for the production of ceramics.

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Innovative Products

We develop and manufacture bespoke foam products, including baby bath-time and specialist cleaning products for domestic and industrial markets.

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Car Care Products

Hygan Products introduces a new range of car care products developed for the discerning car detailing sector – where ‘quality counts’ and ‘only the best will do’.

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Baby Care Products

Ellie-Fant Baby Sponges aim to make your newborn’s first baths as relaxing and safe as possible, for both you and baby. Everything you need for a soft and gentle baby bath time.

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Latest news

  • Indian Ceramics Asia: Gandhinagar Expo, India, February 2023

    Matt Hewitt, Hygan Products’ General Manager, was at the Indian Ceramics Asia in February...

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  • ASEAN Ceramics in Bangkok, Thailand, December 2022

    Hygan Products were at the ASEAN Ceramics 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand, the leading Machinery, Technology and Materials Exhibition for the Ceramics Industry.

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  • baby bath sponges for export markets

    Baby sponges for export markets

    We are looking for a partner to help us find clients like John Lewis, in your country.

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