sundry items

Brass Eyelets: available in many sizes, are used for maintaining a hole in the mould during the setting process. They are particularly useful in the production of items such as cruet sets and lamp bases.

Clay Cutters: for cutting plastic clay

Cruet Stoppersplastic stoppers for the bases of cruet pieces

Dryer Foamporous sponge which cushions the ware in the dryer whilst allowing air to circulate around it

Expanded Polythene (Scrim)for placing under ware to protect it in transit. We also offer our New Perforated Scrim material, so please ask for details and/or samples. We also offer the adhesive to fix the above materials to your boards.

Flannelfor cleaning the base of the ware after casting. Please see Flannel page in our Knowledge Base for further information

Galvanised Wireused to hold large moulds together during setting

Jar Seals: can be made to your requirement. Please advise size. Our seals are made from White Food Quality Rubber @ 1.5 or 2 mm thick

Magnets: are used for aligning the segments of the moulds prior to their use

Packing Cordused to tie the moulds together during setting

Polypropylene Sheets: varying thickness – can be supplied as back plates for back-stamping and other processes

Polythene Squaresused in the handle casting process

Printers’ Squeegiesblades or strips made from Ulon in Plain, D-cut or DKLand profile in various hardnesses. This material provides optimum performance for the most demanding screen print application

Ram Press Tubingavailable in different bores

Rubber Mould Bandsavailable in 4”, 5” and 7” sizes to hold the moulds together during setting

Silicon (and rubber) Cups (plus fittings): used in pressure-casting

Spout Protectorsplastic components to place over spouts to protect from damage

Spray Guns & Nozzlesused for the application of glaze to the ware

Squeegiescomposed of different grades and flexibilities of rubber, available in Kidney, Block and Strip form. Used to apply decals/lithos to tableware and sanitary ware whilst removing trapped air

Tri-Star Spacersplastic components to separate completed ware after production

Velcro (industrial fasteners): available in 25 metre rolls at 25, 50, 100 and 200 mm widths. Velcro is also used in the fabrication of specialist machine-sponges and other consumables. It is available in either plain or adhesive-backed form.

Vibromediaavailable in wooden or ceramic form to enable various finishes to be imparted on ceramics, such as grinding, de-burring, polishing and finishing

Wipers (Rags): available in white or colour for various cleaning processes and dust removal

Wheels & Castorsavailable in various types, sizes and materials. Please contact us for details.

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